Waladi "My Child"

The Waladi "My Child" Education Fund of Toronto is a local and international development foundation committed to the general well-being of children. Waladi "My Child" believes that the education and intellectual development of young minds is an on-going process and necessary to cope with changing environments and poverty. It is our mission to work for global improvements in the health, safety and education of children everywhere.

Our Mission

The  Waladi "My Child" Education Fund of Toronto has a two decade tradition of leadership in education development. Established and incorporated in 1989, Waladi as a charitable organization committed to the education of children locally and internationally through its founder and administrator Chef Simon Kattar.

To date, thousands of students have benefited from  Waladi "My Child"  programs. The first project in Lebanon in 1989 has been followed by programs benefiting students in the district of Raiky in Uganda, Brazil and Armenia. Canadian children have Waladi "My Child"'s direct support through programs for under-privileged children operating out of the Gardiner Museum and the Native Canadian Centre. Students benefit from financial aid to educational programs that provide quality preschool, primary, secondary, and higher education. Some programs have been built solely on Waladi’s financial assistance. Some of these monies benefit students in government schools and institutions for students with learning disabilities and challenges, thereby contributing to the overall improvement in education in those countries. This body of experience provides an institutional base for educational development. Working together with national service companies, the foundation acts as a relay that can sustain these and other initiatives in education, resulting in a positive impact on the network of underprivileged children where the programs are operating.

Educational approach

Waladi "My Child" is committed to achieving its mandate by continuous improvement and financial support of its programs. Offering the aid that provides for a superior education is the most important factor in creating a successful future for generations that will have to cope with a rapidly changing environment. Waladi "My Child" works in partnership with other organizations including Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF or Doctors Without Borders) helping to educate victims of armed conflict, epidemics, natural or manmade disasters and others who lack the information needed support their own basic health care due to social or geographic isolation. Together with Pueblito Canada, Waladi is contributing to the well-being of children in Latin America by providing financial support for the development of daycare centres in the Brazilian state of Belo Horizonte, in addition to its other childcare and education programs.


The services and programs are planned, organized, and financed primarily through Waladi "My Child" and its boards which operate on a volunteer and unremunerated basis, in close collaboration with other institutions that are registered as ‘not-for-profit’, external partner agencies and non-governmental organizations in each country of operation.

The international sponsor of these programs is Waladi "My Child" , which is incorporated as a not-for-profit company in Ontario, Canada. It coordinates the activities of the program primarily through five-year plans, ten year projections, annual budget submissions, and the provision of financial assistance to country programs and institutions through community support, international donors and contributions from supporters. The strength of its system is founded on the volunteer governance and local community support of the Waladi "My Child" network. As founder, Chef Simon Kattar’s fundamental belief that education is a right, not a privilege underpins all of the programs the foundation supports and is the driving force behind its mission.

Waladi "My Child" Works in partnership with Pueblito Canada, Acende and M.l.P.C. in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, also with Waladi (My Child) in Kfarhata, El koura and Jezzine, Lebanon, and with The Native Canadian Centre in Toronto. Waladi "My Child" is the brainchild of Simon Kattar, Executive Chef and co-owner of à la Carte Kitchen Inc., in Toronto. It is a registered charity dedicated to providing an education to children at home and around the world.